Easy to use Self Adhesive stick on Wall Tiles for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Worktops, Tabletops and Bedrooms.  All Colours, Sizes and Styles.


Stick & Go Tiles are manufactured in a solid & durable material and are NOT A THIN TILE TRANSFER. They are designed to completely cover over existing tiles when needed or to be applied directly on to any smooth wall or surface, giving the appearance of a traditional ceramic tile.

STICK & GO LTD. together with one of the leading companies in their field have developed a Self Adhesive Wall Tile that does not need cementing or grouting, and has all the attributes and appearance of a traditional ceramic tile. 

The exclusive adhesive application for the tile has been specially developed and endorsed by one of the worlds leading adhesive companies. 
After two years of research and development we are now pleased to introduce this new and exclusive product into the world of DIY tiling.

The material selected for the STICK & GO TILE is lightweight, heat & water resistant and highly durable, making it the perfect tile for covering existing tiles or applying directly on to any smooth wall or surface.

Each tile has a "white border" incorporated all around the edge and when positioned next to each other, the overall grouting effect is achieved. This is then complemented by a "shadow feature" which runs alongside two edges of the tile and this in turn gives a 3D appearance to the wall tiles.