Easy to use Self Adhesive stick on Wall Tiles for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Worktops, Tabletops and Bedrooms.  All Colours, Sizes and Styles.


Dear Stick and Go,

Well, I just couldn't wait for the weekend to come so decided to get "stuck in" yesterday. I have to admit to being somewhat dubious initially. A stick on tile - what was it going to look like?? My old tiles were in good condition just dated and by looking at a single tile does not give you the idea of the finished product. Anyway, with bated breath I stuck on my file tile, then my second, third, fourth, fifth and I could see then that I was going to be very pleased with the end result. It has really transformed the kitchen as the before and after photos will show. I am so pleased! I would say to anyone thinking about using this fantastic product- go head - you will love the result.
Once again, my sincere thanks for an excellent buying experience. I am sure this product would go down very well here in Australia.

Kind Regards





Hi Stick and Go,
I have just completed installing your "Stick and Go" tiles in my kitchen. What fun! I installed "Stick and Go" tiles right over my outdated ceramic tiles with great ease. The video on your website explaining how easy it is to "stick and go" is right on target. Your product has added such brightness to my renovated kitchen.

Your quick responses and answering all my questions was wonderful. It's rare to find a company who are willing to take the time and effort to accommodate a customer as well as you have. The fact that you sent the tiles so quickly was fantastic.

I can't wait for another project that will allow me to use your product again! I have already sent the attached pictures to all my friends. I sent several angles so you can see how well your tiles compliment every bit of my kitchen.

Sincerely and A Very Happy Customer



Just finished the kitchen and I thought I'd send you a couple photos of the finished job. Took about 3 hours and was super easy. Youhave a greatproduct and I will defintely tell people about your product and website.

Thanks again

Chris L Winters


Dear Stick and Go,
I was delight with your very prompt services as well as an excellent product for which I thank you and I was so impressed with the tiles, I have decided to extend the coverage. I have no objection to my comments being added to your website and I must add that the product was much better than I expected, excellent quality, and very easy to put on. So far my kitchen has been transformed with the little that I have done and can't wait see it finished.

Again very many thanks for your swift attention and first class service.

Kind Regards,

Ann M
Inchture, Scotland, UK

Hello Stick and Go,

As promised, our finished product! We cant believe how incredible they look. We would like to thank you for your quick despatch, you even went out your way to get them to me for the next day!

We have recommended you to our friends and family.

All the Best
Rochdale, UK 


Hi David, have attached some photos of all the areas I have done, so you may pick out what ever photo you would like. I am a 61 year old O.A.P!! but still feel like i am in my thirty's I love doing all sorts of DIY, and while I can still do it I will carry on.
As I said, this makes decorating so easy, and such a professional finish. I love how the kitchen looks, totally transformed, and no mess. What can be better than that, and if I can do it so can all women out there.
Your products are excellent, and are so easy, and NO MESS which is great.
Once again many thanks for your assistance and your generosity.

Good Luck in the future



Dear Stick and Go,

These tiles are absolutely wonderful, they look like the real thing and we have fooled all are friends into thinking we are now experts at tiling! The only skill needed was being able to cut straight with a pair of scissors. The whole of our kitchen was done in under a day and the results you can see for yourself. All in all a brilliant product.

Nick and Julie Axford




In reagrds to the tiles and wall tiles that I've ordered with you, I just want to let you know that I am totally satisfied and impressed. I can not believed how fast I put those tiles on and I've enjoyed doing it too. I bought some tiles before with a glue in the back from a store here in United State but didn't work because water always gets inside and starting to show rust around the tile. I will definitely order more next time. Good Luck!



Dear David,

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with Stick and Go tiles! They look beautiful and were incredibly easy to use!! Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Sincerely Yours,
Mrs Lisa
Long Island, New York 

To Stick and Go Ltd.

Just to thank you for your great service on the tiles for my son's bathroom. We did the job in one day (nearly 1,000 tiles!) and it looks great.






I just wanted to let you know how delighted I have been in dealing with your organisation. It is rare to find not only a first class product but also a truly excellent customer service.


I, like many others I suspect, have used other tiling products that are supposed to do away with the need for grouting, cement and sharp tile cutters. These have ranged from self adhesive tiles and transfers through to alleged tile paints and sprays. All have been unmitigated disasters.

Using the very clear and precise (and hardly onerous) instructions I started tiling. My husband's reaction, when seeing that the bathroom was nearly complete in under two hours was totally priceless! The tiles themselves could not be easier to apply and actually, unlike any other product, are really rather enjoyable to handle. They look exactly like ceramic tiles, in face I would suggest, much better than some I have seen. They feel wonderful to touch and do not have the coldness that normal ceramic tiles have. However the most impress part of your product is without a doubt their adhesion. My fear of them peeling off under steam and heat is simply unfounded. Once applied your product really does come into it's own and I couldn't be happier to find a product that really, truly does work.


These tiles are truly a class apart from any other other and I would not hesitate to use them again or indeed tell others about them, as I already have done. Please accept my congratulations on producing a product that is not only highly innovative but of excellent quality, and for providing such a wonderful service.

Stick and go tiles really do work!

Kind Regards


Hi David

I received the tiles yesterday and liked them very much unfortunately none of them matched my countertop.

I just want you to know that have been very customer friendly even from across the pond. I would have to look long and hard in my own community to find anyone who displays such helpfulness.

I will keep Stick and Go in mind for other projects

Thanks again and be well,

Judy Gazzana




Dear Stick & Go

Thanks to your clear and concise instructions and helpful advice, we've successfully finished our bathroom makeover.

It was much easier than we anticipated, the biggest challenge was around the was basin and loo.

So we were really grateful for the extra tiles you so generously sent us.

The tiles really live up to their name Stick and Go, they look great.


It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Kind Regards

Ellis and Marje Cranshaw a couple of chuffed 75 year olds!!




Dear David


Just a wee note to thank you very much for the tiles that I recently received, they are absolutely beautiful and we so easy to apply.


Your service was excellent with nothing being a bother, the tiles were sent out promptly and I would your company to anyone. All my friends and neighbours have comment how good my kitchen looks with my new tiles, in fact my neighbour and also my mother have recently bought tiles to do up their homes.

Once again many thanks for all your help.


Hope that your company goes from strength to strength.

Kind regards